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You no longer have to suffer, there is hope for you

 Are you experiencing the fear of rejection?  Do you feel shame, anger, or regret after an abortion decision?  Do you struggle with anxious thoughts or feel isolated and not sure who to talk to or where to turn? We understand. We're here to help. You're not alone and you don't have to live this way any longer.  The good news is hope, healing, and freedom await you!


 You can take your life back by starting a Post Abortion Transformation & Healing journey toward the peace your heart is longing for

PATH provides safe community, coaching and restorative resources to help you heal and live a life of thriving rather than just surviving.

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Ready for your heart to heal and be at peace? We can help. Choose, click & buy any resource below and start your PATH to healing & freedom today!

You no longer have to be held captive by feelings of fear, anger, or shame... there's hope for you!  You can start living a life of thriving rather than just surviving.

Books and Resorce
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Jeannie Pittam
PATH Coach/Author/Virtual PATH Founder

Being post-abortive herself,  and knowing how God's grace & forgiveness heals hearts, Jeannie, is meeting women right where they are in their post-abortive journey. In 2015, God opened a new online forum for Post Abortion Transformation & Healing (PATH) to reach women through social media. She has served women from 47 states and 34 countries, while still welcoming women to be a part of a healing community where she coaches them toward healing & freedom with a post-abortive Bible study.  Jeannie is the author of Rescued by Grace a personal journey to hope & healing. In her book, "Jeannie takes you along the perilous path of deception & betrayal to forgiveness & freedom" after abortion. Join Jeannie on your own Post- Abortion Transformation & Healing journey by clicking the button above and gain your peace back. You'll be glad you did.

Beth Kempkes
Awareness Leader/Speaker

Today, we're living with an epidemic of women and men who are emotionally and spiritually hurting. They're silently suffering, or feel held captive by the negative effects of a past abortion decision or experience not knowing where to turn or who to talk to. Out of the great need for God's redemptive healing, PATH began.

PATH stands for Post Abortion Transformation & Healing. It's the journey one takes to become healed through God's redemptive love and grace that transforms our hearts, bringing healing and ultimately, peace.


Meet Beth Kempkes, keynote speaker on a mission to help people heal & thrive in peace from their burdened hearts of past abortion.  She's been a PATH Coach for 9 years after having a transformative healing journey of her own. She speaks to unlock the secrets that will empower, educate & connect people to the restorative resources that will help them live a life of thriving rather than just surviving.  

This keynote is perfect for audiences who're experiencing the need for healing and restoration after abortion or who need the awareness, education, & connection of PATH and its many benefits for post-abortive individuals. 

Help Beth bring the PATH of hope to your event.



Listen to stories of healing

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