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Post Abortive Healing Resources

Our Stories

My Story: Jeannie
My Story: Alex
My Story: Beth

Coaches and Speakers


Jeannie Pittam, Founder/Facilitator  

PATH Coach

Jeannie volunteered with the Pregnancy Center in Lincoln, NE beginning in 2006 and in 2013 went on staff as the Post Abortion Services Coordinator.   In 2015, after moving out of state, God opened a new online forum for Post Abortion Transformation and Healing (PATH) to reach women through social media. From in-house Bible studies to meeting women from 47 states and 34 countries, Jeannie welcomes them to be a part of a healing community, where she continues to lead virtual healing bible studies 3 times a year. Being post abortive herself, and knowing how God's grace and forgiveness changes lives, this ministry is meeting women right where they are and to God be the glory!  

PATH Coach

Beth Kempkes

After serving as a PATH Coach for 8 years through an Omaha, Ne. pregnancy center, Beth is still inviting women on a journey of healing and freedom for their burdened hearts after abortion. With the compassion of Christ, she walks alongside women of all ages for 8-10 weeks through a Post-Abortion Transformation & Healing study, to help them find God's love and the forgiveness their hearts long for.

 She’s an aspiring speaker of her own post-abortive healing story, sharing howGod’s truth transformed her heart to bloom, like petals unfurling from the darkness of her past in response to the love and light of her Creator”. She believes in the power of our stories and how they can bring hope and healing to those trapped by abortion’s impact.


She’s the Founder of website that’s “A place of hope, empowering people toward healing & freedom for their burdened hearts after abortion.”

I have a calling and purpose to use my story to aid others to walk in freedom from the shackles of shame of their past. I have done the work, traveled the road and am experiencing a life of healing, wholeness, freedom and purpose. I have a powerful story to share that will encourage other women to be real with themselves and uncover the past pains to move forward to God’s gains!!!


Tonya B. Jones

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